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Steve has worked in the recording industry since the mid 70s. His early days were spent as a engineer working with The Clash and pop bands such as Sailor (produced by Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys, a group that Steve would eventually produce himself). He found the title engineer confining for his talents and took the step into both production and songwriting, signing a publishing deal with Rondor Music and using the money from his advance to buy what was then the very latest in studio gadgetry - the Linn Drum! Steve's reputation as a producer in the 80s was second to none. He was responsible for all of Culture Club's classic hits and the bands' first three albums, which included the multi platinum "Colour by Numbers". Culture Club has sold well over 20 million records worldwide and 'Karma Chameleon' still remains one of Virgin Records' biggest ever selling singles. Since then he has worked with artists as diverse as Stevie Wonder, China Crisis, Ziggy Marley, Gary Moore, Motorhead and the aforementioned Beach Boys. In 2005, Steve was instrumental in the release of a charity record following the horrific Tsunami of December 26th 2004. His status ensured that Brian Wilson, Barry & Robin Gibb, John Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Sir Cliff Richard, Boy George, Russell Watson and Steve Winwood all contributed to the song which was a Top 5 single in the UK charts and a No. 1 on the independent charts. Steve's love of music has never diminished and he is constantly listening to new artists and bands, looking for emerging talent that he'd like to work with. Away from his production duties, Steve is a regular contributor to 6Music, where he reviews new releases and is a resident expert on digital downloading. He also sits on a variety of boards within the UK music industry and is a respected speaker on music technology, particularly with Apple, for whom he's given talks and lectures not only at their various UK Applstores but also at key events such as MacExpo. Steve is currently playing Obi Wan Kanobi to Richard's Luke Skywalker in teaching him the ways of the Mac - Richard being the final member of the Magnum Opus production team to realise the error of his former PC ways!

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