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Neil has worked in radio since finishing a degree and post graduate studies in music. He began as a BBC sound engineer in the mid-80s, moving on to become a radio producer in 1989. He has been a freelance producer and writer since 1995. His programmes have won awards in both the commercial and corporate markets and at the Sony Radio Awards. Over the years, Neil has worked with most of the leading names in UK music radio (Alan Freeman, Charlie Gillett, Bob Harris, Tommy Vance, Annie Nightingale, Steve Lamacq, Johnnie Walker etc.). He was Richard Allinson's music programmer and on-air producer at the BBC when Richard was presented with his Gold Award in 1998. (Neil also worked with Richard on events such as the Brit and Ivor Novello Awards, McCartney's return to The Cavern and The Cambridge Folk Festival). His documentary series commemorating the 25th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley was a key element to writer and presenter Paul Gambaccini being presented with the 'Broadcaster Of The Year' Sony Gold in 2003. His breadth of music knowledge through education, performance and personal interest has meant Neil is at home producing long running series in Opera and Classical as he is on World Music. He also spent several years producing internationally syndicated programmes in alternative rock and dance. For the past five years, Neil has been the daytime music programmer for BBC Radio 2's annual charity 'Music Marathon' for 'Children In Need'. He has also been music programmer and producer for various presenters on the same network as well as writing the station's popular daily 'Popmaster' quiz. Amongst the documentary series he has either produced, researched or written (or all three) are 'Manhattan, The Most Musical Island On Earth', 'From Band To Brand', 'Maggie's Cultural Revolution' (the Thatcher Years), 'Maple Leaf Revolution' (Canadian Music Special) and 'The Record Producers'. Away from music, Neil enjoys nothing better than some decent cheese and wine (Manchego and Rioja being this week's favourites) accompanied by back to back re-runs for 'Frasier' (whose hairline Neil has perfected to a tee!)

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